Allegheny West Conference Leaders Elected

Allegheny West Conference Leaders Elected

Delegates elected Allegheny West Conference leaders to a new five-year term during the 18th Regular Constituency Session on Sunday, April 10, 2022. Elder Marvin C Brown, III, President; Elder Joel Johnson, Executive Vice President; and Mrs. Keisha Bone, Chief Financial Officer, were all returned to office. This Allegheny West Conference administration team has led together for the past year, moving the conference agenda forward. Each officer entered their respective office during the last term after being elected by the Executive Committee. Elder Brown, who previously served as Executive Vice President, was elected president in 2020 after Dr. William Cox accepted a call as Executive Director of the Regional Conference Retirement Plan. Elder Johnson was elected to fill the vacant Executive Vice President’s position, and Mrs. Keisha Bone joined the officers as Chief Financial Officer after Elder Jermaine Jackson accepted a call to the Lake Union Conference in 2021.

Delegates also selected ministry leaders for the Allegheny West Conference:

Children’s Ministries – Laura Ottati-Romero
Church Planting – Sergio E. Romero
Communications – Benia Jennings
Community Services – Jerome Hurst
Education – Violet Cox
Family Life Ministries – Lloydston Burton
Media Ministries – Gerson Pancorbo
Ministerial Secretary – William E. Joseph Jr.
Multi-Cultural Ministries – Sergio E. Romero
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty – Jerome Hurst
Prayer Ministries – Violet Cox
Prison Ministries – Melvin Mitchell
Sabbath School – Lloydston Burton
Stewardship – Joel E. Johnson
Women’s Ministries – Bobbe Reynolds
Youth Ministries – Eric K. Peters
With this vote, delegates affirmed the service of this leadership team. Join the members of the Allegheny West Conference in congratulating our administration and ministry leaders.


Benia Jennings

Communications Director, Allegheny West Conference of Seventh-day Adventists