We welcome our new administrator Elder Dana Edmond, Director of the Office for RegionalConference Ministry and Publisher for Regional Voice Magazine.

As a graduate of Oakwood College, Elder Edmond accepted his first call to the North Caribbean Conference in the St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands. There he began his career in teaching and pastoring. He later matriculated through Andrews Theological Seminary and was ordained into the Seventh-day Adventist Gospel Ministry. A seasoned veteran in Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership, Elder Edmond has served in the South Central Conference as a pastor, Conference Youth Director, and Conference Secretary. Finally, he served as the South Central Conference President for seven years.

His wife and love of nearly 40 years, Mrs. Jill Robinson Edmond, has worked as a church school teacher and college professor. Elder and Mrs. Edmond have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Now, he seeks to build on the solid foundation of the ORCM, and to take Regional Voice Magazine into a bold, new direction, as outlined in the following 10 points, by:

  • Being intentional about using social media and technology in connecting with our constituents and spreading the gospel.
  • Re-establishing the ORCM Website to protect our brand
  • Working with the Regional Conference Presidents to develop an agenda for the direction of Regional Conferences and the implementation of that agenda.
  • Also establishing Web connections with every Regional Conference and other SDA institutions all over the NAD
  • Publishing news from every Regional Conference and West Coast entity in each Regional Voice issue
  • Connecting with our brothers and sisters in Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Engaging our children, youth and young adults in a dialog on the history of Regional Conferences and why they are still viable and necessary today.
  • Having a National Young Adult Summit where we engage our young adults in a dialog about the importance of them being full partners in ministry.
  • Launching plans for the new ORCM Headquarters—to house the organizations under the ORCM umbrella
  • Producing quarterly editions of the Regional Voice that will be mainly distributed on-line.

Once more, Welcome Elder Edmond.

We anticipate great progress in the new direction!