General Conference Officers

General Conference Officers

Dr. Ted Wilson and Dr. G. Alexander Bryant Re-Elected as General Conference President and North American Division President, Respectively. Elder Maurice Valentine Elected As a General Conference Vice President

As the 61st session of the General Conference wound down in St. Louis, Missouri, there were some things that changed and some things that remained the same. 

General Conference President Dr. Ted N.C. Wilson was elected to a third term. Dr. G. Alexander Bryant was re-elected President of the North American Division. Dr. Bryant is the second African American to be elected as President of the North American Division. 

Elder Paul Douglas was re-elected as General Conference Treasurer. Elder Douglas is the first black person to become Treasurer of the General Conference. He was previously elected by the General Conference Executive Committee when former Treasurer, Elder Juan Prestol, retired. 

Elder Maurice Valentine was elected as a General Conference Vice President. He has a Regional Conference background, having served as the President of Central States Conference before moving on to the Lake Union and the North American Division. 

The 61st General Conference session concluded the historic and stellar service of General Conference Vice President Dr. Ella Simmons-the first black female (and the first female of any ethnicity) to serve as a General Conference Vice President. Dr. Simmons is retiring. 

Lastly, Dr. Blascious Ruguri was re-elected President of the East Central African Division. He served as co-host of the historic African/African-American Leaders Summit held on the campus of Adventist University of Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2019. A second summit was scheduled for the Ivory Coast in West Africa in 2020 but was interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the leaders have remained in touch via Zoom. The Assistant to the President of the East Central African Division, Elder G. Emmanuel Pelote, visited the Central States Conference camp meeting as the guest of the Office for Regional Conference Ministries. 

Below is a list of General Conference administrators elected at the 61st General Conference Session: 

General Conference President – Dr. Ted N. C. Wilson

General Conference Executive Secretary – Erton Kohler

General Conference Treasurer – Paul Douglas

General Conference Vice-Presidents

Maurice Valentine

Audrey Anderson

Artur Stele

Thomas Lemon

Geoffrey Mbwana

Abner De Los Santos

Guillermo Biaggi

General Conference Undersecretary – Moise J. F. Moorooven

General Conference Associate Secretaries

Gerson Santos

Claude Richli

Gary Krause

Elbert Kuhn

Karen Porter

Saw Samuel

General Conference Undertreasurer – J. Raymond Wahlen II

General Conference Associate Treasurers

Timothy Hiroki Aka

George Egwakhe

German Lust

Daisy Orion

Josue Pierre

Richard Stephenson