Oakwood and Breath of Life Lead Holy Tour

Oakwood and Breath of Life Lead Holy Tour

Approximately 200 individuals from across North America and the Caribbean toured Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in a tour sponsored by Oakwood University and Breath of Life

The tour originally was planned for 50 people. But when those 50 spots were immediately snapped up upon the announcement of the tour in the spring of 2023, the tour expanded to approximately 200 people on 4 tour buses for the Israel/Jordan phase of the tour. Approximately half the group continued on to Egypt after 10 days in Israel and Jordan.

Highlights of the tour included a renewal of vows for a number of the couples on the tour at Cana, the site of the first miracle of Jesus; a baptismal service on the Jordan River was led by Elder Calvin Watkins, Vice President, North American Division (NAD); a powerful sermon near the Mount of Blessing by Oakwood University Church Senior Pastor and Breath of Life Speaker/Director, Elder Debleaire Snell; and a Holy Communion Service in the Garden of Gethsemane led by NAD President, Dr. G. Alexander Bryant and Office for Regional Conference Ministries (ORCM) Executive Director, Elder Dana C. Edmond.

Additionally, the tourist sailed the Sea of Galilee, swam in the Dead Sea, stood where Moses stood on Mt. Nebo and looked over into the Promised Land and looked into where scholars believe the body of Jesus laid after His crucifixion-among several other sites.

Those going on to Egypt were awed by the Pyramids and the Sphinx. A group sailed down the Nile River while a smaller group ate at a restaurant on the Nile and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the Nile.

Though the tour was grueling, involving long days and long flights, it was for many in the group the experience of a lifetime to “walk where Jesus walked”. Already many were planning to be a part of the next tour, as announced by Oakwood University President, Dr. Leslie N. Pollard-a trip to Greece and Turkey to see the 7 Churches of Revelation.