ORCM Communication Internship

ORCM Communication Internship

The ORCM Communication Internship was born as the result of a Communications class assignment.  As part of the requirements for the assignment, we were tasked with coming up with ways to promote and raise awareness of the importance of Regional Conferences as well as develop a plan to help continue the legacy that is filled with the history that makes them what they are today.

During the process of working on the assignment, I realized that I didn’t know much about Regional Conferences and knew that I couldn’t be the only young adult who didn’t!

I thought there needed to be a bridge creating a connection between past, present and future generations of the church,

After my group and I presented our ideas to Elder Edmond, he brought up the idea of possibly creating a Communications Internship that would take place during the school year. I was instantly interested. First, because I needed an internship to meet graduation requirements, but also, I had put a lot of thought into what I noticed was missing as far as connecting and communicating the knowledge of Regional Conferences and younger generations.  I felt this was very important.  So during Christmas break I kept thinking about it and asking myself, “What if I can start it off and put things in place so that there can be communication interns after me”?  I remembered my first days during my freshman year at Oakwood thinking, “What can I do that will leave a lasting impact”?

I realized this would be my opportunity. And what better time to leave an impact than my final semester of my senior year. I could start something that I am passionate about, and also start a path so that others can continue after me.

So, when school started back in January I contacted Elder Edmond to see if we would be able to get the internship started. It took a little while to get things in place, but I am grateful to start as ORCM’s first official Communications Student Intern. I work hard and I pray harder, because I believe God will lead me through this process. And I’m trusting him every step of the way.


Ashlan Calvin is a graduating senior from Oakwood University.  Her studies are in the Communications Department with a concentration in Public Relations.  Ashlan hails from Birmingham, Alabama.