Regional Conference Officer’s Meeting Report

Regional Conference Officer’s Meeting Report

As Seventh-day Adventist, our mission is to evangelize the world. We take it a step further in that we educate and raise the awareness of Black Seventh-day Adventism, our purpose and why we exist. The Seventh-day Adventist Office for Regional Conference Ministry held true to this during their meetings in Carlsbad, California late January 2019.

The meetings commenced with several of the administrative leaders from the nine regional conferences arriving in San Diego, California the Friday prior, in an effort to have representation in the Southeastern California Conference (SCC) on Sabbath, January 26, 2019. Throughout SCC conference administrators were assigned to speak at various churches. The leaders preached a good word! At the close of Sabbath, a meeting was held at the 31st Street SDA Church in San Diego. The purpose of the meeting was to inform attendees of the Regional Conference work as well as the work of Oakwood University.

January 27 – January 30, 2019 would consist of impactful meetings of the Administrative Black Caucus of the Regional Conferences in the North American Division. The caucus consists of the Regional Conference Presidents Council, Office for Regional Conference Ministry Board and The Regional Retirement Plan Board. There are also auxiliary groups such as Message Magazine, Pastoral Evangelistic Leadership Conference (PELC) and Regional Education Superintendent Association (RESA) to name a few.

Topics of discussion spanned from the long-term sustainability of Black SDA Christian Education to standard operating procedures across the conferences. There was also the presentation of checks equaling $225,000.00 as an installment of their commitment towards the ORCM/RCRP new building project presented by Ladoverick Huggins on behalf of Mutual of America. To God be the glory!

Submitted by, Shayla-René Little,
Administrative Assistant
Office of Regional Conference Ministry and
Regional Conference Retirement Plan

Photo Credit: Shayla-René Little