Sheree Brown

Sheree Brown

Ms. Sheree Brown is the newly elected Treasurer/CFO of the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Ms. Brown is originally from Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.  She reports that she is the “baby” of 6 siblings – 3 brothers and 3 sisters.  Her parents still reside in Jamaica.  The family comes from an Anglican background but were later baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Later, Sheree followed her parents and was baptized.  Ms. Brown moved to the United States to attend Oakwood College whereupon she graduated in 2002 with a B.S. Degree in Accounting.  Prior to attending Oakwood College, Ms. Brown had received a diploma in Accounting from the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica.  She has also studied at Northern Caribbean University.

During the summers of 2001 and 2002, Ms. Brown worked as an Auditing Intern for the South Central Conference.  So impressed was South Central Conference with Ms. Brown that she was asked to continue on as a Business intern in 2003 in the Conference’s Adventist Book Center (ABC).  After 9 years working in the ABC, Ms. Brown began working in treasury.  She has worked as a Senior Accountant in both South Central and Southwest Region Conferences and was serving as the Assistant Treasurer in (SWR) until her newest assignment as the Treasurer/CFO of Southeastern Conference.  She will begin in April 2019.

There are people who affect us as we go through life.  When asked to name someone in her life that she admires, Ms. Brown very quickly named her brother, Delroy Brown, who currently serves as the Director of Planning for the Ottawa International Airport in Canada.  She described her brother as, “a hard worker who goes after what he wants.  He will stay up all night to accomplish what he wants and is dedicated to what he sets out to do.”  Observing these character traits in her brother, Ms. Brown recognized they were qualities that she admired and desired to emulate for herself.

As Ms. Brown approaches her new position she sees her previous work as an auditor as an asset.  She refers to it as having an “auditor’s eye”, meaning she is very detail oriented.  Along with that asset she looks forward to building a strong team in the Southeastern Conference Treasury Department.  Stating she is, “not a dictator, but a team player.”  She looks forward to working with a “group of people willing and ready to finish God’s work here on this earth, building on a strong team that will take the conference to the next level and fulfilling the mission of the conference.”

A personal goal Ms. Brown has made for herself since the year began was through a series of steps to become “the better me”.  She said, “Lord, this is my year”, so she started working on her health, being even more committed in doing her daily devotions and working towards building a better self.  She emphasized that this goal was not just for her own benefit, but being a blessing to someone else.

Ms. Brown shared two causes that were dear to her heart – older people and children. She explained that she looks up to older “folks” because they have wisdom and children because they are defenseless.

When Ms. Brown is not in the office or spending time with the elderly and children, you can find her gardening or crocheting.  These two hobbies are how Ms. Brown likes to relax, and they bring her great enjoyment.

The Office of Regional Conference Ministry welcomes Ms. Sheree Brown.

Submitted by Jill Edmond