Allegheny East Conference Elects New Officers

Allegheny East Conference Elects New Officers

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, the executive committee of Allegheny East Conference elected Elder Pete Palmer as president for the remainder of the current term. Elder Palmer previously served as vice-president for administration and has led the conference through the tragic loss of former president, Elder Henry Fordham, and his wife Sharon.

Elder Palmer is a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventist. His ministry career includes serving as a mathematics teacher at Dupont Park SDA School in Washington, DC; interning at the Berea Temple SDA Church; and pastoring the Willow Grove, Grace Tabernacle, Berean Fellowship, and Germantown SDA churches.

Elder Palmer is married to Dahlia Palmer and they are blessed with one son, Troy.

The Allegheny East Conference executive committee also elected a new vice-president for administration to fill the position that Elder Pete Palmer vacated. The executive committee selected veteran pastor and leader, Dr. Marcellus Robinson. Elder Robinson served as Director of Philanthropy and Stewardship and before that appointment, was the vice-president for administration. Dr. Robinson has also served as area leader for the Washington DC ministerium.

Please join us in congratulating Elder Pete Palmer and Dr. Marcellus Robinson. We solicit your continued prayers for the Allegheny East Conference.