Lake Region Re-Elects President and Selects Administrative and Departmental Staff

Lake Region Re-Elects President and Selects Administrative and Departmental Staff

On July 17, 2022, approximately 600 delegates met at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan for its quadrennial session. 

After re-electing President Garth Gabriel to his first full term as Conference President (Elder Gabriel became President when Dr. R. Clifford Jones accepted a call to become the Dean of the School of Religion at Oakwood University), the delegates then elected Dr. Abraham Henry as Executive Secretary. Dr. Henry-who had previously served as the conference’s Youth Director and Associate Secretary-becomes the youngest current Regional Conference Secretary. 

The delegates then elected the Interim Treasurer, Mrs. Yolanda Stonewall, to her first full term as well. Mrs. Stonewall succeeded Mrs. Yvonne Collins, who accepted a call to become the Chief Financial Officer for the Regional Conference Retirement Plan on last year. 

The delegates then addressed the departmental leadership positions and the Conference Executive Committee. Both are listed below:

• President – Pastor Garth Gabriel

• Executive Secretary – Pastor Abraham Henry 

• Treasurer – Yolanda Stonewall 

• Vice-President of Multicultural Ministry – Pastor Eduardo Allen 

• Ministerial Director – Pastor Kenneth Elliott 

• Community Service – Debra Moody 

• Adult Ministries Director – Pastor Darlene Thomas 

• Adventist-layman’s Services & Industries (ASI) – to be determined 

• Communication Director – JeNean Lendor 

• Children’s Ministry Director – Janelle Strong 

• Youth Director – Pastor Earl Baldwin 

• Associate Youth Director – Pastor James Doggette, Jr. 

• Interim Education Superintendent– Dr. Juanita Martin (Further information will be shared on July 17, 2022)  

• Media Director – Pastor Paul Young 

• Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Director – Edward Woods, III 

• Health & Wellness Director – Dr. Christina Wells 

• Men’s Ministry Director – Pastor Farai Nhiwatiwa 

• Stewardship Director – Pastor Nikolai Greaves 

• Women’s Ministry – Pastor Tricia Payne 

• Family Life Directors- David & Beverly Sedlacek 

• Inner City Ministries Director – Pastor Claval Hunter

• Prison Ministry Director – Pastor Christopher Clark


Lake Region Conference Executive Committee:


Pastor Edgar Pastran 

Jairo Martinez 

Sheila Busanet 


Pastor Claval Hunter 

Trishonda Woods 

Charles Brooks 

Motor City

Pastor Tricia Payne 

Antwon Knight 

Pamela Britton 

Gary Loster 

Doris Gothard 


Alexandria Miller 

Latita Thomas 

Michael McCullough 

Brenda Wilson 

Khristopher Jones 

Vanessa Lamarre 

Dr. Jin Ho Choi 


Pastor Kenneth Elliott 

Emeka Hicks

Rijenna Murray


May the Lord bless this new team and the Lake Region Conference over these next 4 years.