ORCM/RCRP Do Team Building Activities

ORCM/RCRP Do Team Building Activities


One of the core values of the Office for Regional Conference Ministries (ORCM) and the Regional Conference Retirement Plan (RCRP) office staff in Huntsville, Alabama is the concept that a good culture in the office is developed in part by doing things together out of the office.

So the staff at ORCM do things together that are not work-related, such as quarterly birthday celebrations, where at the end of the meal, each member of the staff shares qualities that they appreciate and admire about those whose birthdays are being celebrated.

A few months ago, the staff assembled for a staff photo to be hung in the upstairs lobby. Previously, the only pictures in the building were of the leadership, but the administrators thought it important to show that there were other people who worked in the building. And though it was the leaders who were the ones who were seen in public, it was the entire team who made the organization operate and that visitors should see those individuals as well.

Similarly, in most organizations, parking spaces are reserved only for the chief executives. At the ORCM/RCRP parking lot, each employee has a dedicated parking space.

Other group activities include an office Fantasy Football League, an NCAA March Madness Tournament Challenge, a Fitness Challenge and two yearly community service projects. The end of each year has a Thanksgiving banquet and an office Christmas Party, where each dependent child under 18 of an employee receives a gift card. The idea is to send a message to the family of ORCM/RCRP that they are a part of the ORCM/RCRP family as well.

It is ORCM/RCRP policy that at the yearly meeting of Regional Conference administrators that each employee is invited to travel to the location of the meeting and that they can bring their spouse at the expense of the organization. For employees who are single, they are given the opportunity to bring a child at the organization’s expense.

Each work day begins with staff worship. Coming together in person each day for prayer, fellowship and the hearing of God’s Word is a core value of ORCM/RCRP. It is not uncommon even for those whose responsibilities call for them to travel to connect with the rest of the staff for staff worship via Zoom.

The desire is that the intentionality of both praying and playing together will build a stronger team and bring glory to God and advance His kingdom.