Elaine is a native of California. Her parents selected a Christian school for their only daughter; never thinking that one day, the religious beliefs taught at that academy would be adopted and embraced by their daughter. It was only natural that she would follow her new friends to Huntsville, Alabama to Oakwood (then) College. She finished Oakwood with a degree in Communications.

Elaine is tagged as a communicator because she is the receiver of denominational news and has created a large “sharing data base” to forward noteworthy information.

Twenty-seven years and counting, Elaine has worked in denominational service in a variety of positions:

  • HHES Customer Service Representative – Columbia Union Conference
  • Communication’s Assistant – VISITOR Magazine – Columbia Union Conference
  • Administrative Assistant/Office Manager — President’s Office and IT Department – Oakwood University

In 2002, Elaine joined the staff of the Office for Regional Conference Ministry (ORCM) and the Regional Conference Retirement Plan (RCRP) as the Administrative Assistant. In 2009, she was promoted to the position of Assistant Director for both ORCM and RCRP.

Elaine is married to Thomas (Tim) G. Allston, III, and they have one daughter, Morgann.