2020 Regional Conference Tithe Report

2020 Regional Conference Tithe Report

The Regional Conferences of the North American Division were blessed by God to receive approximately 191 million dollars in tithe in 2020. That compares with approximately 195 million dollars in 2019.

That means that even though the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented closing down of the economy, unemployment unseen since the Great Depression and the closing down of virtually all 1,200 Regional Conference churches across the United States, God’s people were still faithful to their faithful God and returned approximately 97% percent of the tithe turned in during the last non-pandemic year.

Five of the 9 Regional Conferences (Allegheny West, Lake Region, South Atlantic and Southeastern) had tithe gains for the year. Led by the Oakwood University Church’s nearly $750,000 tithe gain, South Central Conference’s nearly 1.9 million dollar tithe gain is believed to be the largest tithe gain in their history. Oakwood University’s tithe of just under 4 million dollars is the largest in the Regional work and is larger than 3 conference’s total tithe. They narrowly missed becoming the first 4 million dollar tithe church in Regional Conference history.

South Central’s tithe gain was the 3rd largest tithe gain of the 58 conferences in the North American Division. All this is occurring in a year of a terrible pandemic which closed businesses and churches.

But even COVID-19 could not close the windows of heaven and prevent God from pouring out His blessings to His people.