Jasmyn Collins

Jasmyn Collins

Numbers are no stranger to this senior accounting major.  Growing up in a pastoral family home, she has had her share of moves-seven to be exact.  Jasmyn was born to Pastor E. J. and Mary Collins in Texas.  She reports later moving to Nevada, Missouri, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, where she attended and graduated from Ozark Adventist Academy. She has three older siblings; James, Janelle and Joanna.  After spending two years at Southwest Adventist University, she traveled over a thousand miles to study in Argentina.  It is safe to say that Ms. Collins is very familiar with numbers.

While studying in Argentina, Ms. Collins met and befriend a group from Oakwood University. It was this friendship that influenced her to make the decision to transfer to Oakwood.  As stated earlier, Jasmyn is a senior accounting major with a minor in Spanish.

This summer, Ms. Collins was awarded the Frank Jones Summer Business Internship.  This year’s recipient worked from Southwest Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from June 13 – August 1, 2018.  She describes receiving the internship as a gift from God and a testimony. Stating that she had always wanted an internship but never thought she had the contacts or grades to pursue one, she was very surprised one day during class when her instructor asked everyone where they were from.  She raised her hand and said, “Oklahoma”.  Her instructor asked her to stay after class and told her about an internship that he thought would be good for her.  She was put in contact with the treasurer of the conference, Philip Palmer.  She was not immediately offered the position, but Mr. Palmer later called her back and she received the internship!

Ms. Collins worked in the Treasury Department organizing files and making sure that correct documentation was on file.  Her internship provided a great opportunity for her to see the inner workings of her field of accounting.  She was not aware, until her internship, how many people it took to turn the gears in an accounting department.

When asked about a positive influence during her time as an intern, Ms. Collins spoke of “Cherie”.  Cherie was the head accountant at Southwest Conference.  Ms. Collins remarks how she took her under her wings, drove her to work, and went out of her way to “model what a strong, black, and independent woman could accomplish”.

One of best experiences that has come out of the internship for Ms. Collins was that it helped her believe in herself more and helped her know she could be relevant in her field. It also increased her faith in God because she recognized it was all Him who gave her the opportunity and the ability.

When Ms. Collins is not in class or working she enjoys spending her time with friends or drawing, sketching, painting and working out.

Jasmyn recommends that everyone pursues an internship at some point in their studies.  She encourages others not to let fear of your qualifications, your grades, or your confidence hold you back.

The Frank Jones Summer Business Internship proved to be a positive and rewarding experience for Ms. Collins.  She was able to learn how to work in her major and still live a Christian life.

Ms. Collins shared one final benefit from having been the recipient of the summer internship that comes in the following quote:  “This has opened my eyes to the necessity of regional work. Because if my generation doesn’t get involved, then our church will not be able to grow or flourish.”

Thank you, Jasmyn for your contribution.


Submitted by Jill Edmond