Office for Regional Ministry Andrews Theological Seminary Fellowship

Office for Regional Ministry Andrews Theological Seminary Fellowship

The Office for Regional Conference Ministry(ORCM) is grateful to God to be able to announce the first ORCM Andrews University Seminary Fellowship.

This historic initiative originated with a dialog between Dr.Jiri Moskala, Andrews University Theological Seminary and Dr. R. Clifford Jones, President, Lake Region Conference and former Andrews University Theological Seminary Professor.

Dr. Moskala expresses his admirable desire to diversify the seminary staff. He shared that desire with Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones then contacted Elder Dana C. Edmond, Executive Director, Office for Regional Conference  Ministry.This began nearly 18 months of meetings, discussions, negotiations, etc.,in various venues, which leads to the announcement today of a Regional Conference Pastor being able to be fully sponsored; i.e., full salary, full benefits, full tuition to study at Andrews Theological Seminary for four years to obtain a Ph.D or a Th.D in Content Theology.

The goal is to have said Regional Conference Pastor enrolled in the Ph.D/Th.D program no later than the beginning of the  2020/2021 academic year. Each Regional Conference is to submit the name of one person (either from their conference or from another Regional Conference) via Email to the ORCM by Tuesday, October 8, by 6:00 p.m., Central Time. Please understand that no applications will be accepted after the deadline.

The ORCM will in turn submit the list of names to the Regional Presidents Council at their October 21 meeting for their recommendation of the fellowship recipient. Said nominee must qualify for entrance into the seminary’s Ph.D/Th.D program and must do so in time to meet Andrews’ qualification deadlines. For information on entrance requirements, deadlines, etc., please go to Andrews’ website under “School of Graduate Studies”.

Each conference is free to set its own guidelines for how it will determine the person that they choose to recommend as their nominee. Please contact your Conference President and/or your Ministerial Director, beginning Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

Upon obtaining their Ph.D/Th.D, the fellowship recipient would be expected to immediately join the Andrews Theological Seminary Staff-should their be any openings.

Should there be additional inquiries, please contact Elder Edmond at the Office of Regional Conference Ministry.